About Playpals

PlayPals will be there for your doggies whenever you can’t be.

We provide a professional, tailored service that suits your needs 7 days a week.

We’re a family owned business with plenty of experience as we’ve been serving our Clients’ needs since 2012.

We have a small team of trusted dog owners who help us out at busier times.

On our group walks are with a maximum of 3 dogs per handler and we carefully match dogs for temperament and exercise requirements.


We’re all dog owners too, so we understand what you’re looking for, and we love to be out in the fresh air with our furry friends, no matter the weather.

Being a team, it means we can be flexible about adding extra walks or visits in at short notice – very useful when life or work throw a surprise into your day. It also means we’re available every day of the year as we cover our own holidays and you’re never left to scramble around trying to get cover.

At PlayPals Dog Walking, we’ll give your dog the same love, care and attention that we give our own dogs. We limit our walks to 3 dogs so that we can devote time to each dog in our care. This also means much less time collecting and returning dogs, and more time out having fun.

For our group walks of 2 – 3 dogs, we carefully match the dogs for temperament, size, age and exercise needs – which happens off-lead in a safe environment (unless you’ve told us you’d prefer your dog to stay on a lead).

At the end of each week, we email out an invoice for any services that week – and the preferred method of payment is bank transfer directly into our Business Account.

We cover weekends too, and charge a premium of 50% for anything we do for you on a Saturday or Sunday. The only days we don’t work are Christmas Day, Boxing Day and 1st of January.

Our Services

We offer a range of services to suit dogs of all breed types, age, size, temperament and exercise requirements.

The majority of our walks are a standard 60-minute slot, which includes collection and return. As we’re only walking up to 3 dogs, this means only a few minutes of travelling at the start and end of the slot.

We also offer 30-minute slots for dogs who may find the full walk just a little too much – particularly our more senior doggies, or those recovering from illness or surgery.

Many of our clients use us for the same days every week, as that suits their requirements. For others, we schedule their requirements on a week-to-week basis to accommodate variable shift patterns. We’ll always do our best to slot in any last-minute requests (we’ve never said, “Sorry, we can’t…” and always managed to add a doggie in.)

We can offer Solo Walks for dogs who need particular care, or who maybe aren’t very comfortable around other dogs. Not always easy to do during the lunchtime peak but if you’re flexible on time, we can normally find the half hour required for Solo Walks.

We offer Puppy Visits too. Vets recommend that younger dogs develop better with a “little & often” approach to exercise rather than running around with bigger dogs for an hour. A couple of shorter visits before and after lunchtime (e.g. 10 am-ish and 2 pm-ish) helps split up a puppy’s day, and means they’re not waiting too long for a toilet break and some play. And then when the time is right, we can start to introduce the youngster to lots of new friends on the full walks.

We also offer a Pet Taxi service, for such things as Vet appointments & trips to the Groomer – much easier in one of our vans than upsetting some of the local Taxi community by leaving a trail of dog hair!

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Our Price

Standard Walk List

Dog(s)Monday to FridaySaturday & Sunday
Standard 60-min walk for one dog£9.50£14.25
Two dogs from the same household£15.50£23.25
Standard 30-min walk for one dog£6.50£9.75
Two dogs from the same household£9.00£13.50
Solo Walk (30 minutes)£9.00£13.50

Puppy/Home Visits

 Monday to FridaySaturday & Sunday
1 Visit per Day2 Visits per Day1 Visit per Day2 Visits per Day
One puppy£9.00£16.00£13.50£24.00
Two puppies£13.50£24.00£20.25£36.00

Doggy Appointments are charged at £4.00 per half-hour (or part thereof) plus £0.35p per mile.

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Get in touch

If you require any further information, call, email or use the form below.

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